I- Grace Gabriella Puskas- am an author and poet. My debut book, A Message from Source, won the Local Legend national writing competition in 2014 and since I have been inspired to create through the written and spoken word. My latest project- 'Celestial Poetry-' has been created with the intention to share current astrological and celestial activity for every day guidance. Each month I will tune in to the collective themes in play, expressing both my personally gained insights, learning and experiences with wisdom from mother earth's energies. The poetry is a reflection of the lunar energies, the new moons, full moons, rare eclipses and astrological transits, with the aim to bring healing, integration and the expansion of consciousness for evolution and self love. If anyone would like any personally created poetry I offer unique poetry channellings for all occasions. Please feel free to get in touch!

A Celestial Poetry feature can be seen annually in each summer edition of Watkins MBS magazine. All of my spiritual poetry books can be purchased online or can be received as a unique personally signed copy. 

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