Updated: Mar 20, 2019

A Poem for Springtime

In this time of Spring, take a moment to be still.

Take a second to slow down, go inside and connect to your will.

Allow your dreams to shine through and make note of your intentions,

for you are a divine being of perfect manifestation.

You were created by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars,

you may have been born on earth, but in truth- you come from afar.

The body is your vessel and planet earth your true home,

you are connected to your roots, the heavens and your throne.

We are all kings and queens as we all have a Crown,

the invisible energy that is infinite, within and around;

is responsible for your dreams, goals and aspirations

and comes through more powerfully in this time of new growth and creation.

Spring is a beautiful time of year and a symbol of new beginnings,

a time of transition, fresh starts and winnings.

The abundance of mother earth is at its most prime

and natural cycles are harmonized to body, spirit and mind.

The leaves that were once brown from autumn air are no more,

shades of green and many new colors come to life again in full force.

The soil is rich, fertile and sweet, and is ready for new growth;

now is the time to plant new seeds- both physical and theoretically supposed.

There are many outside ideas and deities we can look to for our healing,

and many symbols of prosperity and fortune we can connect to for greater seeing.

In Spring, many people recognize the importance of nature and her rhythms,

that there are unseen forces by our side and natural currents deep in blossom.

Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess of prosperity and abundance,

she can be connected to to teach you that there is more than just one cycle.

Material wealth, comforts and the bliss that the physical world brings

can be balanced and harmonized with spirit and simpler things.

There is great joy to be found in the simplicity of the natural world,

a surrender, peace and integration of different parts which make you whole.

It is in the silence and surrender where new growth can manifest,

blessings, wealth and prosperity a result of your inner success.

Success is a mindset- an intention, and a vibratory state of being

which naturally arises when in tune with your self- your heart and higher seeing.

It comes when you put in the hard work, commit and have clear plans,

and when you know what you truly want and take steps to make the finite grande.

For we are not just limited beings wondering aimlessly through life,

Springtime teaches us that there is infinite joy and delight;

often found in places you may not originally think to look,

such as in a stream, a lake or a flower- or opening another book.

It is in this season- the time of the Equinox- when we can really start afresh,

put our worries behind us, let go of concerns and embrace our failures as we tried our best.

Nothing is set in stone and past lessons and mistakes are to be learned from,

there is no shame in seeing your flaws or accepting imperfection as part of your own song.

We all have a song to sing- a specific vibration which makes us unique,

and we are not defined by who we once were or the things we perceive as 'weak.'

So in this time of Spring, play to your strengths and gifts,

recognize your talents, beauty and worth, and in a way that can help you shift.

Shift your energy to one of new light,

choose to see the blessings presented in life;

try not to moan or focus on the negative

for you are a sovereign being with a powerful Spirit.



An Exercise for the Spring Equinox

Many people around the world recognize the importance of the seasons and utilizing their energies for self- development, growth and positive change. Winter is known as the time to rest and re- charge, focus on completions and endings to make way for new beginnings. In the Winter season we have just experienced the Winter Solstice, a time when there is more dark than light and nights appear longer than days. Many people 'go within' at winter and harness the power of the Solstice for reflection and making sense of aspects of their lives. Others choose to celebrate and spend time with family and friends, whilst others creatively and artistically inclined see it as a chance for new creations and ideas to be birthed.

Yet Spring is a new cycle, a time to plant new seeds and prepare for a return to the light once more. Great opportunities both in business and personal can be manifested during Springtime, and those who have achieved great success in life have embraced and integrated the wisdom of nature's cycles and natural currents this time of year brings.

March 20th is the Spring Equinox- the perfect time to meditate, journal or simply set your intentions and goals for the year ahead. Any activity which connects you to the earth and natural world will also connect you more to yourself, allowing you to open to new and magnificent opportunities and experiences awaiting. Expressing yourself through poetry, dance, art or gardening can really aid in this, as can any holistic or meditative pursuit such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga or Kundalini Yoga or learning about any esoteric or ancient art. Herbs for health, alternative and complimentary therapies, the healing arts, astrology and divination are all strong this time of year, and they can be learned about and connected with to enhance any personal goals, dreams or aspirations you may hold dear. 'Planting seeds' is not just physically laying new seedlings in the earth but also setting your intentions for change and transformation to come.

To harness the Springtime energies and align fully with your dreams and the life you long for, take time this Spring to spend time in nature. Connect to your source of spiritual power- your inner god or goddess, king or queen or magician or seer. We all have an inner magician or seer as we live in a world of senses, there are more than the five physical senses and those who recognize this often live a magical and abundant life. Take nature walks, practice yoga or tai chi and chi kung in the great outdoors, and start a dream diary or journal. Incorporate some sort of self love or self care practice into your daily routine such as meditation, sound therapy, massage or working with crystals, and you will begin to notice significant change in any area of your life you wish to improve.

Time is only ever now.


If you are seeking some inspiration Grace has a published book of poetry which has been inspired by our connection to the natural world and our inner divinity, which can be found here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Message-Source-Grace-Gabriella-Puskas/dp/1910027006. If you are in the UK she is also happy to send you a personal copy and is simultaneously available for guidance and assistance from Summer 2019 through her role as a Reiki Master Teacher, crystal healer, Herbalist, Dream therapist and Shamanic practitioner. Please do not hesitate to get in touch! <3

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