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The Mystic & the Magician is from the upcoming book 'A Story of One: TranscenDANCE,' shared exclusively prior to the release. The poem explores the dance of Shiva and Shakti and portrays the yin and yang, the divine feminine masculine and goddess god energy within us all. 'A Story of One: Transcendance' will be published by Golden Dragonfly Press in April this year (2019).

The Mystic & the Magician, from 'A Story of One: TranscenDANCE:'

Celestial Art by Alina Gaboran

The Mystic & the Magician

The mystical woman,

she sees inside your soul,

seeking to help you grow.

Her powers enable her to intuitively know

using instinct with a witchy seeing,

subtlety changing the way you perceive things.

Silently, in solitude, protected in her aura

she feels everything, senses all be keeping to her peaceful inner demeanour.

This goddess appears to be just a girl

yet inside her skin, she is the creator of her world.

Like the old wise woman, she can tune into cosmic energies,

absorbing information from waking life and dreams.

Like the seer, she feels and sees everything as energy;

floating to whichever vibration calls to consciously affect your frequency.

She is magnetic beyond belief...

always on her radar

she can feel you regardless of how close or how far.

Time and space matter not in her reality,

you are connected in a timeless quantum galaxy.

She can smell you- tune into your scent,

able to transcend the desires from the primal pulses sent.

Always showing understanding and compassion

she knows it is man's nature to turn towards destruction;

for her presence can be addictive,

stronger than any drug you've bore witness...

She captures you with her purity and unconditional love

stirring something inside your soul, a passion with each touch.

With each heart warming smile and open affection,

each kind word and innocent submission;

for the mystic's veil has been lifted.

She lets you in but remains at ease being alone,

she can merge with your spirit yet knows her own soul is her home.

She loves you unconditionally and knows you deeper than any other-

this creature is a true Earth Mother-

the spirit of Gaia in human form,

she has made a promise and sworn

to protect her Earth and the realms you cannot see…

she lives full in her duty to serve and maintain her peace.

At times she appears odd,

rather crazy to the eye,

her mysterious ways may shock you or surprise;

she floats around as if on another dimension

with a calming aura,

free from all tension.

A magic fills the air...

A surreal feeling flowing, spinning and twisting;

is she from another world-

is she here just visiting?

The more you observe this magical creature

the more you start to see your true nature;

for she is a reflection, the aspect of yourself you hide,

she represents the purity and innocence which is usually denied.

And through all of your own and her own imperfections

she will only see you as pure light and perfection.

For she is the seer, the wise woman, the mystic and the healer,

she is always dreaming, always learning, and being a humble teacher.

She digs deeper to seek what you hide

with no fear to get lost in your eyes,

trying to seek the vibration that will help you evolve

choosing to see only the best and guiding you home.

This woman knows every being has their own blueprint;

a frequency so unique that it is still hidden deep within,

So she pulls it out of your being.

She plants the seed

then gives you space, time to breathe-

then leaves;

she goes her own way

reminding you nothing is here to stay,

except you.

You are the only one who can live up to your destiny-

the seer in her sees the power in you and tries to help you see.

Yet when she returns from her absence, always changed,

for she has left this world over and over whilst you repeat the same cycles every day;

if she sees you are stuck in your ways

making no attempt to change- same story every day?

She will simply let you be.

The travelling mystic wants you to be the change you wish to see

but only you can grow that tree;

she just made aware the seed.

Her presence reminds you of your own greatness

her light glows from creator to creator.

Although she will only ever show you love,

help your soul soar high above;

do not fall mortally in love with this magical creature.

Everyone wants the magic; the beauty, the essence,

but with the mystery comes absence, detachment and independence.

She will show you divinity, she will show you passion;

the mystical lover will take you to realms and dimensions

that you thought only existed in a fairytale...

You will be magnetised to the depths of her spirit and love,

you will entwine through eternity and feel true love.

She will show you how to breathe, truly breathe as the god you are,

and all illusions will fade to nothing until you remember your crown;

she will guide you and heal you whilst your imprisoned walls crumble down.

The amnesia cocoon you created will cease to exist,

the king you have always been will shine freely in bliss.

The mystical woman will bring you back to the depths of your soul,

she will heal and surrender to you until you return home.

Once you are enticed by her magical ways

and once you have remembered- awake from the maze,

she will leave.

It will pain her deeply, but she will go,

both of you free for your next cycle of growth.

A travelling soul,

lost- yet home

living fully in her duty to protect and serve,

she is just a passerby here on Earth.

Some say she is from another world...

Yes dear Magician, she will love you-

yet she came here alone.

Could you fall in love with this divine creature knowing it could end;

the pain that comes with surrendering to a lover and best friend?

The Mystic and the Magician are meant to entwine as one heart,

yet destiny makes sure they float freely away, at the end and from the start.

The warrior of light,

he makes her feel alive;

igniting a passion deep inside.

He commands her respect and admiration;

usually feeling no tension

the mystical woman- powerful and present,

becomes lost to the magician’s eyes,

increasing his presence.

A vulnerability begins to take hold...

The more she decreases her boundaries and merges with his energy,

the more she feels protected and free to just be.

This usually independent and powerful creature

is playing the student, no longer the teacher.

She learns the true meaning of being an equal and a peer,

yet she feels fear.

His tender touch makes her grow weak,

and his powerful aura reminds her she seeks

a companion, a lover, a soul to merge with-

someone to share her magical world with.

The feeling of surrender to love with another

allows her light to grow stronger and gives sense to her wonder.

For the mystic loves magic, the unknown and surprise,

exactly what she sees when gazing into the magician’s hypnotic eyes.

Yet, like a true warrior of light, he has his own path

but now she has bonded, merged into the dark;

and the safety she felt when held, skin to skin,

disappears as magically as the moments begin

for the warrior's love is a drug like no other,

he reminds her how to be a sensual earth mother lover.

Once she has him deep within her soul,

the warrior will move onto the next goddess seeking growth;

for he is a traveler; independent and free,

here to show the mystical woman she is on her own journey.

Could she give herself fully to this divine creature knowing it could end;

the pain that comes with surrendering to a lover and best friend?

The Mystic and the Magician are meant to entwine as one heart,

yet destiny makes sure they float freely away at the end and from the start.

Destiny makes sure they float freely away

at the end,

and from the start.


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